Tradition, quality and authenticity

Our products are prepared following the traditional way of Piadina Romagnola.

We assure the best quality in the ingredients choice, that is a very small list including just water, olive oil, floor and milk.


Only real German artisan beers

  • € 4,50Original (Bionda, bott. 50cl) 
  • € 5,00Zwick'l (Non filtrata, bott. 50cl) 
  • € 5,00Maisel's Weisse (bott. 50cl) 
  • € 5,00Dunkel (Scura, bott. 50cl) 
  • € 4,50Daura Damm (per celiaci, bott. 50cl) 

Same beers must be available also be enjoyed on tap, fresh tapped

You must taste it!

Le Bavaresi

€ 6,00

Piadine con Wurstel originali bavaresi.

Piadina hamburger

€ 6,00

Scegli fra 4 diversi gusti, tutti con hamburger di manzo.

Nutella and mascarpone

€ 4,00

Una piada dolce con Nutella e mascarpone.

Parmigiana cassone

€ 6,00

Cassone con ripieno di pomodoro, melanzane, mozzarella e grana.