The Romagnola offers you a product of absolute quality.

You can taste a product “Espresso” made there and then. This make the difference. But it’s not all. It is very important for us to use first quality products.

For example we use a kind of flour suitable to what we want to produce. At present we have a production of about 1000 pieces in the weekend. It’s very important for us the stuffing for the “piadina” or for the “cassone” and we always choose the best.

We, above all, choose Italian products which can assure the place of origin of the products. We buy the salami from Fiorucci, Italian firm leader for the genuineness of its products. We buy from “Granarolo” the best cheese.

fiorucci               granarolo  

In 2015 for the growing request and delicacy of the product the new kamut (with kamut flour) and 9 cereal piadine (dough with the presence of different cereals) were added to the range of the piadine. This expansion of products and the production of piadine without gluten allow us to serve a large number of customers.

kamut logo     

The rich menu gives you the possibility to choose among a large variety of stuffing from those of romagnola tradition to the more fanciful ones.

The three principal products are made with many stuffing; in fact there are more than 100 combinations of piadine which the customer can choose
In the menu in addition to the drinks of the Coca Cola and Pepsi family, Fanta, Sprite etc. the customer can have German artisan beers.

La Romagnola offers a quick service and good prices.

Our restaurants are standarized. They have the same inner colours, tables, chairs etc. and the customers can see the cooks working in the kitchen. In addition they have free wifi, maxiscreen and free cover. Our purpose is to create a place clean, bright and easy.

You have never tried a piadina like this is Angelo Di Giampaolo’s slogan. This piadina is very important for its originality: true inner production which distinguish it from any other “piadina” in Abruzzo. The product begins from the romagnola original recipe with the substitution of the lard with extravergin olive oil so it is more digestible and light. Today the Romagnola is very important and it has a Registered Trademark. Points of sale are in Montesilvano, in Pescara (Pindaro Street and Carducci Street) and in Chieti thanks to the formula del franchising.