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Choose our fidelity card and you will have a lot of advantages.





10% discount

Points + gadget

Celebrate your degree with us

Taste our piadine, cassoni etc and you will receive 10% discount at the desk if you have a membership card.


For each meal you will receive points on your Fidelity card.

If you celebrate your degree with us you will receive 1 euro discount for each guest.




1) Users of the card. The Fidelity Card, later called “Carta” too, is given by Turismo e Dintorni Srl Vat number 03977830409 , with registered office in Montesilvano (PE) at Cavallotti Street n.3 run by the temporarily lawyer, uninterrunptedly also named “Emittente” (Issuer) and it’s given exclusively to the customers of the shops named “ La Romagnola Originale Piadineria”.
2)  What is the Fidelity Card. The Fidelity Card allows his holder to take part to all the campaigns (frequent purchases, collection of points, discount campaign, subscriptions and so on) promoted by the “Emittente”. The card is strictly personal. The holder can have just one card and he must use it only in the private way, otherwise it will be immediately revoked and the holder can suffer the consequences of a compensation for damages.
3)  Issue of the card. The card is given at the price of one euro. The holder has to fill in the form of acceptance in the correct and complete way. At the same time the holder of the card will receive a bottle of water by way of promotion. If the form is incomplete and untrue we can’t issue the card. The holder committes himself to communicate any possible change of the personal data. The data given by the holder will be treated according to the law (D. Lgs. N. 196/2003- Private Code).
4)  Use of the Card. To benefit from a discount and a collection of points you must show it at the desk.
5)  In case of loss, deterioration or theft the holder must communicate it to the Issuer that after a test of the personal data cancels and replaces the card with a new one at the price of € 5,00 to confirm the previous benefits. In case of counterfeit or manipulation the holder loses every right on the repayment of benefits. The Issuer is not responsable of possible consequences direct or indirect linked to any inefficiency of the card or something else unintentionally. The Issuer will give the possibility to the holder to get his benefits back.
6)  Restitution of the Card. The holder can return his card to the Issuer when he wants. The restitution means that one loses all his benefits.
7)  Validity and revocation of the card. The card does not expire, anyway the Issuer can revocate it every moment without notice in case of incorrect or fraudulent use. The revocation means the cancellaction of the card and beneficts and the possibility to bring a legal action aganist the holder of the card. The signing of the card entails the acceptance provided in the regulations.


1) Nature of the initiative. Collection of points and discount campaign.
2)  Users of the initiative. The collection of points is completely free and it is only for the holders of the card.
3)  The associate society Faro Srls, fiscal code, VAT number and inscription number at the enterprise Register in Pescara 02102530686 with registered office in Montesilvano (PE) at Verdi Street n.2 and the associate Firm De Rubies Francesco, vat number 02049810688 with registered office in Collecorvino (PE) at Gallo Street n.1, both of them associate with the Issuer and selling points "La Romagnola Originale Piadineria" are also delegated to the promotion of the collection of points.
4)  The Collection of points is valid only in Italy.
5)  Collection of points and discount campaign. The collection of points allows the holder of the card to accumulate, after havin bought a certain quantity of products, a number of points which allow him to receive a specific price, benefit or discount offered by the Issuer. The discount campaign allows the holder of the card to receive a discount on the shopping.
6)  Accumulation of discount points. The discount campaign allows the holder of the card to have a discount of 10%. It's important for the holder to show the card at the desk every time.
7)  Utilization of the points. After a certain accumulation of points the holder of the Card will receive gratis: prizes, beneficts, discounts.
8)  Prizes. With the accumulation of 100 points the holder of the card can withdraw a prize, discount, service each time agreed by the issuing according to te unquestionable promotional compaigns of the same Issuer.
9) The duration of the initative. The distribution of points will last from 01/10/2015 to 30/09/2016. The points to withdraw the prizes will expire in 2016 at the end of december.
10)  The prizes, benefits and discounts can be withdrawn not later than 31/12/2016. After that date the points will lose their validity.


Art. 13 of the code about the protection of data (D. Lgs. N. 196/2003).

  • The personal data will be treated for the inscription to this operation with the insertion to the electronic data banks of the Holder of the Treatment;
  • The Holder of the Treatment of data is the “Turismo e Dintorni Society Srl, Vat number 03977830409, registered in Montesilvano (PE) at Cavallotti Street n.3;
  • The responsable of the Treatment is Mrs Semprini Nada born in Rimini on the 8/12/1969 and resident there at Albertini Street n.5; - The interested person, whenever he wants, can exercise the rights aganist the holder of the Treatment in conformity with the art. 7 of the D. Lgs. 196/2003 and in particular through a special request he has the right:
  1.  To know the existance of treatments of data that can interest him;
  2.  To be informed about the personal details of the holder and the Responsable and about the treatment and destination of the data;
  3.  To obtain from the Responsable without delay and within 30 days from the receiving of the request:
  • The confirmation of the existance of his personal data and communication of them;
  •  The crossing out, the transformation in anonymous form or the block of the data for breach of law.
  •  The above mentioned request will be sent to the holder or to the Responsable of Treatment after 90 days from the previous request.
  •  In the exercise of the rights quoted at the Art. 7 of the above mentioned regulation the person interested can delegate in writing or by proxy to a physical person, institutions or associations.
  •  The person interested can be helped by a reliable person.
  •  The data will not be communicated to anyone. They will be communicated by “Turismo e Dintorni” only for law purpose.
  •  The person interested can get in touch with the holder at the Treatment when he wants to check, to integrate and update his own data and exercise his rights according to the Art. 7 of D. Lgs 196/2003. Information notes about privacy Art. 13 D.Lgs 196/2003 Data, addresses, telephone numbers will be used by the Holder of the Treatment only to give answers and explarations to your request. Nobody will have the possibility to know them.